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Air Ambulance Services in India Archives - Almas Ambulance

Since the ages, India has been known as a pioneer in healthcare. Be it earlier surgical techniques or yoga, India is home to various inventions in the healthcare domain. However, in recent times, India has seen several downsides in the domain. There could be several reasons behind this downturn like increasing population, lack of funds,

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For a large number of people worldwide, the medical services in India are not that of international standard. Every day, newspapers are filled with the loopholes made by Indian authorities. However, in recent times, the face of the Indian healthcare system has evolved a lot with several new disciplines and technologies have made their way

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In recent times, India has taken a giant leap in terms of technology and economy. Today, other nations look towards India as a progressive country which has the potential to become a super power in future. However, there is one area which is still in doldrums and need a stronger push. This is healthcare. Though

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